#0 my past

First of all, my Ragnarok Online career.

I entered Ragnarok Online for the first time in the year 2005 as a bloody noob. A friend showed me this whole new world so I made a character and wooop was standing there in Geffen town. All this friend told me was "kill some porings, have fun" so I killed a lot of porings and it was true. The more levels I got the more addictive became this game. After some days playing I killed my first MVP - Lord of Death in Niflheim town. At this time, something went wrong with my client and the dll files so my character was bugged. It had light green pixels on it. It was a Lord Knight called Astat. I was exited like a little child and my character reached the max level within two weeks. Some months later I got my first god items and when my friend was sent do hospital I spent more time then ever in this game. I made a new character, a Paladin called Balmung and some days later I met a Lord Knight called Orca. We were talking all day and really got along with each other. The other day we decided to make a guild. I had been in a guild before, it was called "Dothackers" and it had rocked War of Emperium more than one time. But one day to another this guild disappeared and so did all members. Finally we decided to rebuild the Dothackers and got soon a lot of members and support. We were sitting in Izlude, our hometown when the invasion began. Tons of mvps were entering the town and killing a lot of newbies. Some pros were already up to fight some of the monsters and Orca asked me to join in. Of course we did. After so many months playing my knowledge about characters, monters and elements had increased rapidly so I was prepared for everything. Despite the fact that my Paladin Balmung was still a low level character around level 120 we joined the pros on killing a Amon Ra. Ive never used this much YGG berries and seeds but after 20 minutes we managed to defeat it and my level 120 Paladin got the MVP. This changed everything. Only five minutes later I was asked to be a Game Master.


A bloody noob that becomes a Game Master a few months later? I tried my best and held events for everyone. I supported the newbies and fooled the pros in pvp. It was really fun but after on months it was all over.  The head admin was back from vacation and found out that I had killed this mvp on my low level paladin. He IP banned me from the server cause he suspected me as a hacker. I wasn't able to log in or to register a new account.

But the worst was, me and Orca never exchanged any email adress or msn adress. We just met in this game every day. So I lost my beloved characters, my Game Master and a good friend.


After joining some other servers.. it wasn't fun for me anymore. I finally decided to join #### where I became Support GM after 3 months and Sub-GM after 2 more. But as soon as I found out that the Admins and GMs were corrupt I left and decided to make an own server with a very good friend.

Here we are now. I am the Head Game Master and finally after a long journey of 3 years I found my home.

That was my story. What's yours?

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